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When you hear about options for a backyard misting system, you may have preconceived notions. The term misting system includes a broad range of methods for cooling in an outdoor space. These units will use a fine, high-pressure mist that helps to cool you down. Not only do commercial locations like theme parks, outdoor dining establishments, and other venues use these systems to cool off patrons and guests, but many residential customers are now looking into high or low pressure misting systems for personal use on their properties.

As you look for high-pressure misting systems, you may see them called spray cooling units or even fogging systems. However, each one of the options that you will see will generally fall under the broad umbrella category of mister. Each one of them will also work in a similar manner.

How Does a Backyard Misting System Work? 

All of the misters available today will work by way of evaporative cooling. This is the natural cooling process that takes place as the water evaporates throughout the warm air surrounding the unit. Misters will work beautifully if you are in an area with dry weather, with some working well in humid conditions. However, you should always do your homework prior to buying a mister so that you can be sure you have the right type of unit for your region and common weather conditions. 

The water gets forced through tiny nozzles with any mister unit that create a fine fog or mist. The water droplets begin to evaporate, thus cooling the air around them immediately. The finer that the mist is that gets output, the more thoroughly evaporation is. In turn, you will be cooled off faster with a finer mist than a coarse one. 

There are plenty of benefits that come from having a mister unit on your property. Not only will you have cooling for your family, pets, and visitors, but you can also help to reduce odors and dust from the area. Misters will also cut back on static electricity where they are installed as well as the presence of pesky flying insects. You will also have improved humidity regulation in some cases, making them ideal for courtyards, atriums, and greenhouses. 

Shopping for the Best Pressure Misting Systems 

When you start to shop around, you need to know that water pressure is critical for any misting or fogging system. With a low-pressure system, it is similar to the result you would get when sitting near a sprinkler. Medium pressure mister systems have a motorized pump that puts out a spray fine enough to help cool you in hot weather and less likely to get you wet than a low-pressure model. With a high-pressure setup, you will have maximum cooling without getting wet, even if you live in an area that is often humid. 

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