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It never seems to fail, Murphy’s Law seems to kick in when you least expect it. Whatever can go wrong will and sometimes at the most inopportune time. When you experience problems with your plumbing it can range from minor inconvenience to a major disaster. Many plumbing issues can be resolved with help from a professional plumber in Alpharetta. A plumber understands the systems in your home and will be able to evaluate, diagnose and repair the problem.

What to Do About Plumbing Emergencies

Sometimes a plumbing emergency occurs and when it does it is important to know what to do. As a homeowner you need to contain the situation and keep further damage from occurring until a plumber in Alpharetta can arrive. If there is a leak, turn off the water to that particular location of the home. There are usually water shut-off valves located under sinks and behind toilets. These shut-offs are easy to operate by just turning the handle. Turning off the water will keep it from leaking or spewing water which can cause damage to your floor or walls.

If there is no shut-off valve but there is a severe leak, you might need to turn off the main water valve to your home. It is best to know where this is located in your particular home so you can get to it if you need to. The water main is typically located in a basement or electrical room of the home and would usually be closest to where the main water pipe enters your home from the outside. If you have standing water in a room where your electrical panel is located be careful because if you touch anything you could get electrocuted.

Don’t Try to Fix a Major Repair on Your Own

It is advisable to allow a reputable plumber in Alpharetta make the required repair. If you try to fix it yourself you might end up making the problem worse. If the situation occurs at night or on the weekend determine whether you can sufficiently live with the water turned off for a period of time. If you can, you can call and schedule an appointment for the following day. However, in many cases the repair just can’t wait.

If it must be resolved immediately you should contact a plumber in Alpharetta with 24 hour dispatch and service. A repairman can be sent to your home on an emergency basis to fix the problem. Emergency repair services send plumbers with the experience and parts to make just about every type of repair. While you wait for the plumber to arrive, clear a space for him to work in the area where there is a problem and mop up any excess water.

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Plumber Alpharetta
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