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Digital imaging is in just about every area of life, from supermarket shopping to medical use. Advanced imaging technology has waterproof features to inspect drains and make an incredibly accurate diagnosis on all surfaces and corners. Our Simi Valley plumber invests in the best imaging technology to observe what’s in your drain line and develop the best possible treatment.

When do you need camera inspections by a plumber in Simi Valley?

Moving into a new property

Camera inspections are highly beneficial to people that want to buy a new home. It is usual for people to look through the home's surface and ignore the hidden systems like pipes and drainages. Checking them will protect you from buying a property with frequent sewage clogging and other harmful problems to the house and your health.

A clogged drain

What can you do if you are in the unfortunate situation of dealing with clogged drains? Please do not pass this up as symptoms of simple clogs because they could warrant further investigation.

Changeable water pressure

A problem with the water system will always cause frustrations with the shower, dishwasher, washing machines, and appliances in the water system. The camera inspection and professional plumbing in Simi Valley will reveal the cause of low pressure, so you have an easy time inspecting leaks and other situations causing a decrease in water pressure.


Foundation and pipe leaks need an intense diagnosis and expert skills to rectify. It would help if you pinpointed all the leaking spots quickly and efficiently to save your property from continued future damage.

Other issues that the camera identifies includes:

  • Pipe issues like odd angles make the system vulnerable to breaking
  • Tree roots that threaten the health of the drainage system
  • Corrosion from the fluids and their chemicals
  • Blockages that cause the water or sewage to flow over

Benefits of camera inspections for plumbing near Simi Valley


How far or how many leaks are in the drainage system? Drainage pipes collect debris and can be challenging to diagnose without an accurate imaging system. The drain cameras answer this question so that you have thorough drain inspection and cleaning.

Prevent bigger problems

How old is the pipe or drainage system? It is more likely that an old pipe will have more faults because of extensive material corrosion. Drain camera inspection inspects these issues to keep everything in excellent working order before the leaks turn into broken pipes.

Find items

How do you find your diamond engagement ring without tearing down the entire drainage system? It is impossible to go through the pipe if you want to retrieve your jewelry. We recommend regular cleaning to keep the plumbing system in excellent condition and see precisely how you can pull out the lost and found items.

How does it work?

Our plumber in Simi Valley CA inserts the flexible camera rod into the drain and broadcasts the vision onto a screen. The rod has bright LED lights and allows us to illuminate the darkest corners and locate minute items or faults.

DrainPro’s is an emergency plumbing company in Simi Valley CA invests in many different technologies to offer the best sewer repair and cleaning services. Contact us on WhatsApp to book a consultation or get estimates of our different prices.

Plumber Simi Valley Ca
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