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At Oaks Drain Service, we are dedicated to providing excellent and detailed sewer camera inspection in Simi Valley. Our trusted experts using cutting-edge equipment like the high definition inspection camera to quickly identify any issue with your sewer line. We will provide the most suitable and effective solution to all your minor or major sewer issues.

In addition, our trusted experts are very familiar with, and have immense knowledge of the underground sewer lines, drain pipes, and plumbing systems of homes in Simi Valley, CA. We are always ready to commit every available resource at our disposal to offer you the very best of sewer camera inspection in Simi Valley.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Are you having troubles with your sewer line? Are you inspecting a new house and want to check the condition of the sewer lines? The sewer camera inspection is what you really need. The sewer camera inspection takes the sewer line inspection to a new level for homeowners and professional plumbers. Underground sewer lines are difficult to access to assess what problem they could be having. This is where the sewer line becomes highly handy.

A sewer camera inspection is a visual inspection of sewer lines that are difficult to reach using waterproof cameras. These sewer lines include sewage pipes that are behind walls or underground. They are used to:

  • Inspect a break in the sewer line
  • Identify the cause of a sewer line breakdown
  • Locate the septic tank

The sewer line camera inspection is the easiest, most convenient and effective way to identify and rectify the issues in the sewer lines of your home. Professional sewer line replacement companies only use it.

How is Sewer Line Camera Inspection Done?

Sewer line camera is done using a water proof high-definition camera. The camera has a high-resolution and is sturdy, waterproof and flexible to snake through the sewer lines underneath houses or behind the walls for inspection. They do not solve the sewer line problem but aid in identifying the plumbing issue.

The cameras are used to capture a clear and exact image of the sewer line to examine and analyze what problem it is. The camera is fastened to a flexible rod and inserted into the sewer line to inspect the problem(s). The flexibility of the rod allows the sewer line inspector to cover every corner of the sewer line and carry out a better assessment.

If the sewer line is clogged, it is drained to ensure there is view isn't obstructed. A CCTV or Closed Circuit Television records the images captured inside the sewer line for future references. The camera has an LED light that illuminates the underneath sewer line in your home. This helps to identify the kind and depth of damage done to the sewer line.

Choose Us for Your Sewer Camera Inspection in Simi Valley

Contact us today at Oaks Drain Service to know more about our professional sewer camera inspection and sewer cleaning services. An amazing experience awaits you.

Sewer Camera Inspection Simi Valley
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