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A slab leak is easily detectable and repairable by our skilled technicians. We use advanced electronic innovations to detect small holes and fix them without interfering with the rest of the system. Understanding the dynamics surrounding causes of slab leaks will help in preventing future damage and save you subsequent calls or messaging to our office.

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak is the water seepage that occurs when one of the pipes embedded in the building has a crack or hole. The leak affects surrounding areas due to the absorption of moisture. After acquiring professional plumbing services to repair a slab leak in Ventura, you ought to examine the root causes of slab leaks. History will always set a pace for the future.

What causes slab leaks?  

Poor pipe installation

This condition could mean installing the pipes in the wrong positions or angles. The water’s pressure then aggravates the damage to cause cracks and bursts. Another state of poor installation is wrong pipe sizes, excessive force on bolts, or using the faulty materials. High probability is that the pipes will not function well with the addition of a house’s weight.

Shifts in the foundation

Pipes are bound to have a little pressure when the house stands in the way of earthquakes and tremors. Weak pipes will automatically burst, causing leakage.


Natural contraction and expansion of pipes will eventually cause excessive wear on the pipe’s inner side. Underground are vulnerable to corrosion by the soil and rocks in contact.

Poor water composition

The PH of the water may cause corrosion if it is too extreme towards one side of the scale. Hard water is too acidic while soft water is too alkaline.

How can you prevent future slab leaks?

Constant maintenance

Thousand Oaks Plumbing has progressive detection methods that are also excellent as maintenance solutions. Homeowners do not worry about the pipe system until there is an adamant danger. Routine checkups will prevent major breakdowns and financial loss. Opt to schedule a checkup twice every year during the mild seasons – spring and fall.

Maintain optimum pressure

High pressure in standard pipes is a recipe for disaster. The high-pressure shower will prove cathartic in the end. If you wish to enjoy the luxury of fast and intensely moving water, consider investing in heavy-duty pipes. Fragile pipes are not worth the comfort of high-pressure water.

Use chemicals sparingly

It is tempting to prefer flushing small blockages with chemicals. These chemicals tend to have an intense makeup the eventually corrodes the internal wall. Continuous usage will leave the pipe vulnerable to other leakage causes. Talk to our technicians about your options of altering a faulty PH by treating the water before realizing it into the house's system.

Reroute the system

The original artisan may have used poorly crafted equipment or services. A reroute is an inexpensive way to protect the pipe without excavating the slab. Thousand Oaks Plumbing solves a slab leak in Ventura by investigating the system before eliminating the necessary tubing.


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